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My situation was quite complicated as i had contacted Fulvio a little late in my situation. I was in motor vehicle accident where I was injured in a fairly high speed rear end collision while driving a work vehicle while I was stoppped . (no fault of my own). One of my major injuries affected my cognitive abilities to think clearly and comprehend what I might read or understand conversations clearly and in conjunction with my memory operating at a very minimal level. I had required medical care before Fulvio was involved and I was just kicked down the road and deemed incorreclty cured by the insurance companies doctors. I was so discouraged and was unsure if I would be able to retain my job or even be able to function with my family which ended up a very dark time for me. I was so greatful the extra time he took to explain everything and make sure I understood what he was saying and emailing me the discussion notes so my wife could review it with me too. I contacted several attorneys before finding Fulvio . In my opinion the “other”attorneys main concern was the money grab and not helping me get appropriate medical care as the primary objective.
In my opinion Fulvio was concerned about getting my medical care handled first . That resonated with me and I consequently hired Fulvio. As soon as he was involved and the insurance companies were notified I began to get additional treatment that would help me function and consequently teach me new tools to cope with my injuries. Furthermore one of my big concerns was not signing my future medical coverage away. Fulvio was able to get an agreement for future medical and get a financial award which was beyond any thing I would of imagined .

I can honestly say that Fulvio always had what was in the best interest of myself and family first. I don’t believe you can say this about many attorneys but beyond a shadow of doubt Fulvio moral compas guides him down the path of integrity honesty genuiness. If you looking for legal council with a strong moral compass, someone who will telll you straight what he thinks you will not be disappointed choosing Fulvio.

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