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Giving Thanks

I did not like lawyers. Did everything to avoid them. But, I found one I was able to trust, respect, laugh with, and know he wasn’t working super hard just on my case but he does it for all his clients. He responds quickly both by email and phone. He listened that the people I was dealing with on the other side of the table are my friends. They are important to me, and I did not want to add stress into their life. Yes, friends on the other side. He advised me so I went into the depo prepared and honest. When I was frustrated he listened and he fought hard for me to the insurance company on the other side.

If you want to be heard, have someone listen, know he will keep you updated and be fair I recommend this lawyer. Me, the person who did not trust lawyers trusts Fulvio Picerno completely. The lawyer that listened and heard just how his client hoped it would turn out because we are dealing with my friends.

You? You will trust him and know he will give 110% of himself.

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